Guida Verde Michelin

Des table en bois ègayèes de fleurs des camps, où l'on se règale de jambon de San Daniele, d'agneau prè-salè, de lapins aux pignons et fenouil sauvage, le tout arrosè de vins de Frioul.


Roasted Suckling Pig is one of Sardinia's most famous and appreciated dishes. It is normally prepared for special occasions and is considered a rite. Cooked directly on the fire very slowly and perfumed with myrtle leaves, the piglet should not be bigger than 4/5 kg.


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Rice is a beautiful food. And 'nice when it grows, neat rows of bright green stalks that shoot up towards the summer sun; it is nice when it is collected, golden sheaves in autumn, stacked like a patchwork rice fields; it's nice when threshed, it pours into the silos as a sea of small beads; it is nice when it's cooked by an expert hand, shining white and sweetly fragrant.
(Shizuo Tsuji)