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Lavender Honey Parfait

LAVENDER Traditionally lavender is considered an antispasmodic and a sedative, and is used to cure insomnia. Herbalists use it against headaches, sore throughts, earaches, muscle aches and rheumatism. A bath with lavender essence is relaxing, and the flowers in the hot water …

Gluten Free

We offer a selection of gluten free dishes for those who cannot eat wheat.

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Puntarelle with botargo and anchovies


Puntarelle or cicoria di catalogna is a late fall early winter chicory which originated on the Catalonia coastline of Lazio Gaeta. Puntarelle shoots have a pleasantly bitter taste with the texture being tender and crisp. Puntarelle is available November to mid-February. They are picked when they are young and tender and may be eaten raw or cooked. Often used as a traditional ingredient in the Roman salad called by the same name, they are prepared with the leaves stripped and the shoots soaked in cold water until they curl. The salad is served with a prepared dressing of anchovy, garlic, vinegar and salt, pounded and emulsified with olive oil.
Botargo is a Mediterranean delicacy of salted, cured fish roe, typically from grey mullet or tuna. The English name was borrowed from Italian.The word in Italian and the other Romance languages comes from the Arabic buṭarḫah, 'pickled fish'.Sometimes called the caviar of the South, botargo it is usually used sliced thinly or grated.In Italy, it is best known in Sardinian cuisine; its culinary properties can be compared to those of dry anchovies, though it is much more expensive. Botargo is often served with lemon juice as an appetizer or used in pasta dishes.