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Not surprisingly, the menu at this attractive backwater osteria is dominated by San Daniele prosciutto, the finest of all Italian hams – not just as an antipasto, but as a prominent ingredient in courses such as San Daniele gnocchi. If the thought of another plate of …

Bean soup

RECIPE Ingredients: -1 carrot -1 onion -1 celery -1 glass olive oil -500 gr. Lamon beans -rosmary, lory, sage -salt and pepper -200 gr. short pasta If using dry beans, put them in water one night before use. Chop the carrot, onion and celery in pieces and put them …


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Prosciutto crudo San Daniele


Our prosciutto crudo is ideal for every occasion thanks to its quality certified by the San Daniele’s ham Consortium.
San Daniele’s Prosciutto Crudo has passed strict controls during production and has all the unmistakable characteristics required: traditional guitar shape, tenderness, sweetness and the unmistakable rich aroma.
In front of a plate of San Daniele, captured by its fragrance, its intense colour, its taste, one forgets that each Prosciutto Crudo has passed through rigid production phases, some of which exclusive to San Daniele, realized with the experience and care necessary to obtain high quality.
These procedures have been past on from father to son and improved with the use of sophisticated equipment. But the most important skills are expert hands, sensible noses and demanding palates.
At Testa & Molinaro, our producer, there is no hurry. This is why priority is given to quality rather than quantity, and why the seasoning, probably the most important phase of production, lasts more than the necessary 12 months, fixed by the Consortium of San Daniele’s ham.
In the enormous rooms, naturally ventilated by San Daniele’s climate, the temperature and humidity are kept under constant control to guarantee the conditions to obtain the authentic taste of San Daniele Prosciutto Crudo .