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 ... we wander along almost eerily quiet canals to the southern part of the Dorsoduro and a small restaurant specialising in Friulian and Sardinian fare in which we have booked a table for two - in the wine cellar. We eat prosciutto and mushrooms and roasted pig and tiramisù. …


These ravioli are one of the many kinds of culurgiones you can try in Sardinia. They are filled with ricotta cheese, saffron and orange zest, other typical recipes are with cheese and chard, or potatoes, pecorino cheese and mint. Rarely they are filled with minced meat, noramlly …

Gluten Free

We offer a selection of gluten free dishes for those who cannot eat wheat.

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Bean soup




-1 carrot

-1 onion

-1 celery

-1 glass olive oil

-500 gr. Lamon beans

-rosmary, lory, sage

-salt and pepper

-200 gr. short pasta

If using dry beans, put them in water one night before use.

Chop the carrot, onion and celery in pieces and put them togther with the beans and th olive oil in a very big pot. Cover with water and add the herbs and pepper.

Cook for aproximately 2 hours. Add the salt when half cooked.

When ready blend half of the soup, keeping whole the other half of the beans.

Cook the pasta a part in salted water for half the cooking time, and finish cooking in the soup before serving.

Add olive oil and pepper to pleasure.